Bulk Water for Blending and Bottling

Arctic Blue Waters Alaska inc. is currently looking for buyers for its portable water from its pristine worldwide water sources. Arctic Blue Waters Alaska inc. Ltd is turning its focus to Mexico, Vietnam the Caribbean and Gulf countries with an emphasis Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates.

A new era of bulk water transportation by food grade tanker ships is about to begin and an upsurge of enquires for bulk portable water for sale has emerged. Transportation across the ocean of portable water for bottling in the country of end use provides a cost effective way of relieving these water stressed countries of the serious negative impact on human habitation brought on by long term drought and shortages of pure drinking water.

The Gulf nations are rated as the world’s most water stresses countries with the least available water available per capita. According to a report by the World Resource Institute (WRI) there are thirty-three countries that face extremely high water stress by 2040. Fourteen of these countries are in the Middle East. Nine of these countries had the highest score of five. These countries are Bahrain, Kuwait, Palestine, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Lebanon. These countries mainly rely on desalinated seawater. The WRI calculates its water stress score by calculating the ratio of local water withdrawals over renewable supply. Demand is based on population growth and supply is influenced on climate change and rainfall.

It is further reported by the WRI that drought and water shortages in Syria likely contributed to the unrest that stoked the country’s 2011 civil war. Dwindling water resources and chronic mismanagement forced 1.5 million people, primarily farmers and herders, to lose their livelihoods and leave their land, move to urban areas, and magnify Syria’s general destabilisation.

Whilst desalination technology transforms salt water into fresh water it is done at great cost in terms of fossil fuels and only the wealthiest countries with serious water shortages consider it a viable option. There are also the environmental costs to consider such as what to do with the separated salt which is left over as a concentrated brine. Desalinated water is low in minerals it also aggressive to cementitious and metallic materials used in storage and distribution. Blending desalinated water with source water is goes a long way to resolve these problems becoming common practice. The problem in arid country’s is having sufficient ground water to blend with the desalinated water.

This is where Arctic Blue Waters Alaska inc. Ltd comes into the equation. The remarkable quality of our water enables consumers around the world to taste the true nature of water, which is distinctly lacking in desalinated water.  In fact, "Taste the true nature of water" so accurately captures the benefits of our family of products that we have made it one of our primary marketing statements.

The pristine renewable water sources that Arctic Blue Waters Alaska inc. Ltd has access too can provide quantities of portable drinking water running into billions of gallons per year. Shipping bulk drinking water for blending into the municipal system and for bottling in the country of the end user is both an economic and practical solution to the looming worlds water crisis.

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