The Need for Pure Drinking Water

Arctic Blue Waters Alaska inc. suppliers of large quantities of water to countries in abundance would like to share the need for us all to drink water.

Many of us are lucky to have the resources to have water at a finger touch, but sadly for many around the world this is not the case and many are in danger of dying of the effects of lack of clean drinking water..

Our bodies need water to survive, although we can go without food for several weeks, though not advisable, we cannot survive for more than a few days or sometimes a few hours without water. The water in our body regulates our core temperature so allowing our bodies to maintain an even temperature. Body water is also critical for our blood and cells so that our nutrients, gases and enzymes can dissolve, nutrients and oxygen can be transported, cells can get rid of waste and tissues and organs can have form.

We also need access to safe drinking water for our health needs as 75% of waterborne diseases in developing countries arise from drinking contaminated water, poor sanitation and bad hygiene. These cases result in 1.5 million deaths per year and many of these deaths are children. One of the main causes for death is dehydration. Sadly many countries do not have the resources or knowledge to obtain safe drinking water and that is why we formed Arctic Blue Waters Alaska inc. to buy and ship large quantities of water to countries in abundance and therefore provide safe, bulk, pure drinking water to those countries in need.

Seeking major beverage manufacturer/distributor in Mexico, Vietnam and India 

Arctic Blue Waters Alaska inc. is seeking a major beverage manufacturer/distributor's in Mexico, Vietnam and India that would consider bottling our Glacia-Fed Arctic bulk water from Alaska. The bottling plant of this firm should be located within 100 km of the water storage tanks located at a Sea Port. The raw pure Arctic bulk water could be transported in food-grade tanks by truck from the storage tanks at the port to a bottling plant.

If you wish to buy large quantities of water or would like to know more on what we do please contact us on the link below.